Xtreme Combat - Edinburgh

Avoid paintball carnage with a laser paintball game in west of Edinburgh. Great day out and very tactical! No paintball costs! Includes professional guidance.

The Highlights

    • You can do it all year round
    • No pain like paintball
    • No hidden extras
    • Work in teams
    • Get to shoot your boss!

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Laser Combat Shooting Outdoors Edinburgh

This is Edinburgh's newest purpose built Laser Combat Arena. Forget Paintball and its PAIN, Forget Clay Shooting and its PAIN and think Laser Combat , pain free, realistic shooting ,using state of the art MP5 infra red weapons. Laser combat is much better fun, far cheaper and everyone has a sporting chance. It is also fairer as the hits are all electronically recorded making cheating virtually impossible.

This site is located close to Edinburgh Airport and is adjacent to Edinburgh's Top Indoor Go Karting Circuit. Why not make a day of it by combining Karting and Laser Combat and save on travelling time. There is a cafe at the Karting centre where you can get refreshments to feed your starving group if need be!

Event Details:

Using state of the art MP5 weapons that fire harmless, incredibly accurate infra red beams, hits are detected on your opposition using head sensors on your Xtreme Combat issued Jungle Hats. This state of art technology allows us to simulate urban battle games with incredible realism, whilst ensuring of course that it’s pain?free! Enjoy a minimum of 6 exciting missions of team play; it’s great fun – and most importantly – at a competitively fixed price! No costly ammo refills! No pain! Just fun, safe, adrenaline,packed action! For group sizes of 8 - 28 players, offers an exciting urban setting for a serious adrenaline rush!
  • Played Call of Duty? Now Play for Real!
  • The Latest in Infra?red Technology
  • Min 6 x 10 Minute Missions
  • No Additional Ammo Required!

Event Format:

  • Players will register at reception.
  • Players will receive their MP5 Tactical Weapon and Jungle Hats.
  • A Full Safety Brief will follow which will also include helpful tips and an explanation of the Missions.
  • The full group of players will be split into 2 Teams and taken to their Posts.
  • When ‘Game On’ is called, teams will advance.
  • Hits are detected and fed back to your MP5 weapon telling you when you have been eliminated.
  • The first Team to Complete the Mission Objective is the Winner and you will undertake a Minimum of 6 Missions.


Urban Arena is outdoors so please dress for the weather. Full Camo Combat Suits can be hired for £2 each. Disposable Rain Ponchos also available to purchase at £2 each.

The Little Details

  • Facilities:
    • Spectator Area
  • Minimum Number: 8
  • Minimum Age: 8
  • Duration in minutes: 60
  • Suitable for: Great for Large Groups, Great for Small Groups, Hen and Stag Parties, Staff Day Out, Team Building Event, Youth Groups

Check Rates, Save or Enquire!

Save this for later, check what the price is for your dates or check availability.